Advantages of the solution 🕵️‍♂️

  • A clean and tidy server, with nothing installed on but Docker and Docker Compose
  • A single server for all your domains and applications, thanks to the Traefik reverse proxy and its Docker integration
  • HTTPS thanks to the free TLS certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt
  • Private resources protection with Google’s OAuth2
  • Everything automated

What you need 🧰

  • A server: even a small VPS is fine. If you don’t have one yet, Contabo has very cheap ones (no, it’s not a referral link, I just enjoy their products).
  • A domain: you need at least a domain for the OAuth service, but you will need one more…


Stackbit is fine if you want a modern and static blog, in less than 1 hour, without web programming knowledge. It’s something like WordPress, but better, newer and a bit less advanced.

But if, as for me, you know how to build a website and you are looking for something you really own, with a minimal, ordered your way repository, without a flood of commits all with the same message that means nothing to you, in that case you probably are not looking for this solution.

How I got here

So, in August 2019 I decided to open a blog.

So, I decided to…

I show you my VPS setup with Docker, Traefik, the Portainer UI, and watchtower to keep images up-to-date. This helped me and my friends in keeping the VPS tidy and functional.


  • Do not install anything but Docker on the server
  • Use Docker to run applications
  • Use docker-compose to keep application separated in stacks
  • Use Traefik 1.7 as a reverse https proxy
  • Use Portainer as web UI for Docker
  • Keep images in running containers up-to-date with watchtower
  • Use some bash aliases to speed up your common operations

How to do that? Just read titles and copy code.

Doesn’t work? Read carefully…

Aldo D'Aquino

🔗 — 👨‍💻 Infrastructure Engineer @ BendingSpoons

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